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Selling Small Businesses Without A Broker– This offering allows the small business seller to save the 10% to 15% business brokerage fee which can result in a savings of many thousands of dollars. You get to use all the professional services of a business broker without paying this fee.

Guaranteed Profit Development– After our preliminary analysis of your business, we will offer to increase profits by a certain percentage. If you accept this proposal and follow our recommendations and don’t achieve this level of profit all fees paid will be refunded.

Business Appraisals or Valuations– Having a professional Business Appraisal of Valuation is a must for financing, taking on a partner, selling, divorce and many, many other situations. This service is fast, accurate nationwide and with an extremely competitive fee structure.

Productivity Studies– We will show you in definitive terms what the productivity level is currently for your business and what any lack of productivity is costing you in dollars and cents.

Business Financing– Our business lenders often say yes when your bank says no.

Accounts Receivable Factoring– Often small businesses are on cloud 9 when they secure a contract but are strangled for cash when these customers delay paying. This is a great way of freeing up your cash when you need it and the rates are very attractive

Private Financing Liquidations– Often when selling a small business or real estate the seller ends up totally or partially financing the buyer’s purchase with “Seller Carry Back Financing”. We buy these loans or notes providing you with all your cash now.


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Comprehensive Business Financial Analysis– This service thoroughly analyzes your business validating strong areas and pinpointing weak areas and offering corrective strategies for curing any weak area found. This is ideal for keeping your business running at peak levels and invaluable to show to business buyers and lenders etc.

Business Buying or Selling Expertise– We can act a traditional Business Brokers in Indiana

Business Buying– We have a highly accredited Business Buying Kit including all the tools we use to buy and sell small businesses and can be used nationwide with or without a broker.

Leased Labor Services – A growing national trend is to lease your workers instead of having employees. This reduces your overall cost as well as many of the labor headaches associated with employees.

Small Business Bookkeeping– Often the small business owner knows their business but knows next to nothing about bookkeeping. This is a painless reasonable priced service that allows the business person to spend their time in their business making money and trying to do bookkeeping.

Income Tax Service– We have a computerized accurate tax service to maximize your tax consequence, maximize your refund and do so in a hassle free environment. We do personal as well as small business tax returns for both federal and Indiana state returns.

We have been helping small businesses improve operations and profits since 1980 with clients located across the country.  Our services have been used by business owners, the SBA, business sellers & buyers, business lenders as well as attorneys, accountants and business brokers coast to coast.

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