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Since 1980 We have helped Small Business owners improve their businesses, coast to coast, and have done so at prices they could afford.

We are not the high priced buzz word guys but the down to earth affordable guys that get the job done for less. We are Affordable and our stuff works. We pride ourselves on saving our client's more than our fees. I encourage you to check out our small business consulting services.

To accomplish anything one must set the desired goal, have a plan to implement the goal and a means to measure the success along the way. This goes hand in hand with the old adage of “Plan your work & Work your plan”. The key is being able to quantify your plan so you know if  you are doing what you said you’d do and to definitively check your results against your goals. Only then can you plan corrective strategies that really work.

Small Business Consultants Offering:

* Selling Small Businesses Without A Broker
* Guaranteed Profit Development
* Business Appraisals or Valuations
* Productivity Studies
* Business Financing
* Accounts Receivable Factoring
* Private Financing Liquidations - Note Sales
* Comprehensive Business Financial Analysis
* Business Buying or Selling Expertise
* Leased Labor Services
* Bookkeeping & Income Tax Service

We have successfully helped many business buyers & sellers, attorneys, lenders, the SBA & others from coast to coast since 1980

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Small Business Consulting Services

We Are The Business Doctors Offering the Services You Need at Prices You Can Afford:

Think what a doctor does when you are sick. They compare the vital stats of the sick person to that of a healthy person and make recommendations to bring the sick person's numbers in line with those of a healthy person. We do the same thing for businesses. The best part about this is IT WORKS.

Client Testimonials

Our firm has worked with small businesses across the country providing Small Business Appraisal services, a custom For Sale By Owner Package to help a business owner sell their business without the need to use a business broker, Guaranteed Profit Development Program where we can guarantee the increase in small business profits and several other high demand small business services.


We are very excited about our For Sale By Owner small business sales package which allows the business owner to enjoy all the professional services normally provided by a business broker while saving the brokerage fee which is normally 10% to 15% of the business selling price  As you can see this brokerage fee savings can amount to many,  many thousands of dollars to you.  This program of helping business owners sell their business without a broker is a very popular offering. 

Many business owners find it hard to believe that they can actually sell a business without a broker but they sure do love saving the thousands of dollars we give them.  Please review the additional information on our Business “By Owner” Sales Package to sell a business without a broker.

Another very popular offering we provide is our Guaranteed Profit Development Program where we guarantee to increase your small business profits or there is no fee. This offering has been popular coast to coast and across most industry types. 

After analysis, if we agree to take your business on & we agree on reasonable profit increase goals, we will guarantee to increase business profits by implementing our advice. The fee for our profit increasing advice & implementation is always less than the profits we guarantee to the business owner.  If you are interested in increasing business profits, this is for you.

small business consultants that save you money

We look forward to providing you with these or some of our other small business consultant services to help you accomplish your business goals.

We have been helping small businesses improve operations and profits since 1980 with clients located across the country.  Our services have been used by business owners, the SBA, business sellers & buyers, business lenders as well as attorneys, accountants and business brokers coast to coast.

We pride ourselves by offering affordable business solutions that work.

Our Clients ALWAYS make more than we we do from our efforts.


Put Us To Work For You

small business consultants solve your problems and make you money


Compare What YOU Are Doing To The Success Of Others, Make a Few Changes & EnjoyYour Success.

Our most popular Small Business Consulting offerings include:

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*Business "By-Owner" Sales Kit- Everything You Need to Sell Your Business Yourself & Save the Brokerage Commission of 10% to 15% of the business sales price

*Guaranteed Profit Development- No fee if we don't produce as agreed & profit increases are always in excess of our fees.

*Leased Labor Program- Reduce or Eliminate Employee Hassles and Save Money too.

*Business Valuations or Appraisals- Know and be able to show what your business is worth

*Business Buying Package- Use all our tools as a professional business broker to buy your business either with a broker or directly from the owner; includes all contracts , analysis programs and materials & the know-how to buy it quickly, safely & at the right price. Buy your business anywhere in the country with or without a broker using this package

*Comprehensive Financial Analysis- Know what is wrong or right with the business & how to fix weak areas; ideal for buyers  & sellers and owners who want to improve the health of their business.

*Business Brokerage  (Buy/Sell)  Traditional Indiana Business Broker

*Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping- Monthly Sales & Expense recording & Income Statement & Balance Sheet

*Income Tax Preparation- Individual and business tax returns completed via computerized program to get the most deductions and maximum legal refund for our clients

* Business Financing & Funding - Loans, Venture Capital & Business Plans; our sources often say yes when your bank says no.

*Private Note Sales- If you hold a loan from the sale of real estate or a business or some other asset; we can provide you all cash today in lieu of your monthly payments - We also Buy Auto Loan Portfolios

*Productivity Studies- Know to what capacity your employees are working and what any lack of productive capacity is costing you in dollars and cents.

.Be sure to visit our other pages for information on our other offerings such as: Guaranteed Profit Development where your profit increases are guaranteed or our efforts are totally free. Many businesses across the country are profiting from leasing their workers instead of having them as employees and you may be able to benefit from this also.

We have assisted many business lenders across the country appraise the businesses they are lending on and also conduct a comprehensive financial analysis on these businesses so the lenders know the business values and the financial health of the businesses they lend on.  Going hand in hand with the profit development and business analysis, we offer a productivity study to allow the business owner to get a handle on the productivity level of their business and what any lack of productivity is costing their business in dollars and cents. 

We diagnose the problem, quantify it so we can measure it and stay on track toward YOUR goal.

Visit our Services page and see how we cna help you. Our pricing structure is set to provide client returns far in xcess to our fees.


small business consulting services you need at prices you can afford


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